Blow my own trumpet.....for a smidge!

Well hello there and welcome to my very first blog post!


I've never been overly inspired to write my own Blog as I often feel that when reading blog posts, that its all about ones 'blowing your own trumpet' but hey! here I am.....blowing my own trumpet aha!

So you might be wondering what is this Woman going to tell me that might be of interest to me?

Well, you are getting married right? and a big congratulations from me btw

You have probably stumbled here because, like me, you have a love for sumptuous fabrics, You may have also possibly stumbled on to my blog via my Instagram and Facebook pages where we share the same love for a certain style?

My (our) style and the dress designs have a very feminine, late 1940's'esque spin. I love the simplicity of a bridesmaid gown and I also love the way a gown moves when you walk.

The dresses I design have so much thought for the feminine profile but not to put to fine a point on it, the dresses are timeless and will grace the hips beautifully for all our championed sizes. They cover you in all the right places and show off all the right places too.

It's very important and I say this through experience, to make your bridesmaids feel good on your big day, if they love the gown they are wearing then you can guarantee that your wedding photographs will reflect their happiness, confidence and a love for your special day.

Put them in something they don't love and watch their body language change. we don't want a self conscious bridesmaid hiding behind the flower arrangements or running away from the photographer at any given chance because you have put them in a fluorescent blancmange wrap dress.

With all of the above said and with over (I'm about to blow my own trumpet again.....) 23 years sewing experience, specialising in bridal wear you can be rest assured that all of my dress designs are made to grace the most body conscious to the most confident of wearers.

The fabrics I choose aren't just velvet, I pick fabrics that drape well, have a slight weightiness to them and feel extremely Lustrous. I also thing of longevity with the fabrics and style so with each dress, I offer an '#afterlife service were you can return the dress to us to be hemmed to a Re-wearable length. We will then return the dress to you all for £25.

To find out more about this service then please visit our #afterlife page where you can arrange a return.

Okay, so before I start to bore the life out of you I will take this opportunity to bid you a good day AND If you have any questions or queries then please get in touch via our contact page.

I'm here to help, happy you are here and delighted that you have read this all the way to the end.

With lots of thanks




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