Made to order explained

Made to order services can take many forms and everyone has their own understanding of what this means in terms of service and delivery.

Walker and Walker want to tell you more about what we do, when we make something just for you.  We make everything ourselves from our Herefordshire studio - your garment is made with care and we take our time to do this.

How does it work?

Once your order arrives via the web-store you are immediately notified that your order has been successful - from this point we aim to have your garment with you as soon as we can, but please allow 14 working days for us to make up your order.

Sadly we can not promise to turnaround made to orders more quickly than this, so plan ahead and we will ensure we can deliver within our time scale - please read on for more info on our made to order service.

The process of making your order...

When we notify you that we have received your order this starts the wheels of our small business turning.

Each week our orders are initially split into cloth type so we can order adequate fabric to cover that weeks orders.  We operate this way so that we only ever stock the fabric we need to make our orders - this is with sustainability in mind.  We only buy the cloth we intend to use.  We also try to order all our fabric in one shipment to ensure that we do our bit to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum - so when you order from us you know we are mindful of our responsibility to our planet.


Our fabric is sourced from both the U.K. and Europe and we only use suppliers with ethical working practices in mind.  The fabrics themselves are 100% cotton (unless otherwise stated) and are sourced from suppliers with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate.  Some of the softest cotton around - the cloth can take up to 7 days to arrive with smooth passage - but we think its worth the wait!

Once all the cloth hits down this goes straight to our cutting table.  Unrolled, smoothed out and cut - all by hand.  Beginning with the pockets and waistbands, before moving on to the main pieces of the garment - Nicola and Adele ensure each piece is perfect for the make.


Time to make!   


Once cut - we will first complete the waistband of the garment (where applicable), this then joins the rest of your pieces which are collated and await their turn to be sewn by Nicola, Amy and Adele.  We try to be as fair as we can when it comes to  making our products, as we know everyone is keen to have their order as soon as possible - so we make everything in date order as quickly as we can without compromising on quality finishing. 


We ask for 14 working days for this process to be completed - 1 week for ordering cloth and 1 week for cutting and sewing before moving the product through to be individually wrapped ready for despatch.  We wrap each piece in tissue paper and send it to you in our branded parcel bag which is fully recyclable.

Once ready, your order will be fulfilled on our website and you will then receive a parcel reference number - this informs you that the garments are on their way to the post office and then swiftly on their way to you.

From time to to time - when fabrics are sold out or we run promotions online - then we can run over the 14 working days.  In such cases we know most customers don't mind and we thank you for the extra time we need.

If you do need your garments for a birthday or for a certain date, then please make us aware of this when you place your order - so that we can let you know if we are on schedule!



If you need to update us or have a query regarding your order then please get in touch via email.