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Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Nicola Walker and I come from Edinburgh Scotland but now live in Gloucestershire, I live with my husband Mark who is originally from Kendal, Cumbria and together we have 3 fabulous kids - Ty, Abby & Jude....not forgetting our fat cat Bales. Its absolutely 100% a mixed bag of accents in our home!

Mark is the second part of Walker & Walker. He manages all the things I can't, helps me on all the important decision makes, website orders etc. He can also make you a bespoke suit if you are in the market?

So how did I get here?


I fell in love with fashion way back when I was just 17 old. I worked in manufacturing for Levi Strauss, sewing up trouser hems and adding belt loops.

Eager to learn more, I upped my skills and started working for DAKS. There I would construct suits from start to finish and eager still, I was promoted to rush orders for full assemble tailoring.

I then went on to making Marks & Spencer's Lingerie for 2 years and by far, this was my favourite job. I worked with the most delicate of fabrics and each piece was intricately put together. This has always been a desire of mine, to create a feminine delicates line of under garments. this will hopefully (fingers crossed) come to fruition one day!

That's where it started and when I left Marks & Spencer's I dabbled with my own designs, selling them to friends and family. 

Much to my surprise, the brand took off and I started to exhibit at trade shows, including  Clothes show Live & Top Drawer London.

I've been sewing now for over 20 years and I love it as much today as I did back then. 

I'm a huge fan of 1920's to late 1940's fashion and I love all things romantically feminine and old sentiment, including Parisian style.

This has become a part of my inspiration process to create my brand and with each piece I create, its created from a feeling.

When creating my individual pieces, I never know where it will take me as I drape my patterns on a mannequin so sometimes a sketch will never become what I intend it to be, its always a surprise to see the final result, even for me!

Finally, My brand goal is to project my design idea through to my customers, so that they treasure the garments and will hold them dear. My pieces are created with longevity in mind and with a hope that my small collections will become cherished pieces in your wardrobe.


A new line of heirlooms perhaps? 


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